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This is a very important moment we offer to our puppies which live with their family.
Together with the other brother – puppies, with the mums and the many owners curious to know the dog mankind, we spend enjoying week-end at the open – air making the puppy play together, teaching them the basic notions.
We are proud of the service we offer; in that way we can test the health and growth condition of each single puppy born in our breeding, trying to improve more and more the Hovawart qualities.



Basic Education 

The basic education course is done by the little and adult dog which are not able to live together with man in society.
This is very important for the owner who wants to live every moment near his dog without always “fighting”.
This course is the most important of all the educational cicle because because it makes know the good rules of a good living in society.
The course is divided in different lessons with positive methods thanks to the gratification and indication given by the breeder to the owner.





Advance Education 

This course follows naturally the basic course. Our friend now adult is now ready to learn more complex thing and the control by his owner is now total.
The lessons, individual follows the dog owner method (the lessons are done with a positive method) also if the exercises should be done with precision and speed.
The dog learns easily the exercise, but the owner is so good in making himself to be understood by the dog, that he now became his dog trainer.






The agility has a very important rule between the Abete Bianco activities.
As for the Utility and Defence, also for the Agility we make different collaboration with the Agility Team to give wide successfull chances to the people who works with our structure.




Utility and Defence 

Between the variious sport activities that we can do with our dog, utility and defence is one of the most important.

This because the Hovawart race we breed is subject to work test. Te activity of the Centre in this field is different:


  • training and leading of subjects for the ZTP, CAL, SELECTION and IPO tests;
  • technical support activities (attacks, obedience and path) for all the people who wants to join as leaders of their own dog to some of this tests;
  • ocourse organization for leaders with the best italian and worldwide professionists.





Special Agility


The agility is, first and foremost a sport that can be practiced by people with physical and mental disabilities. 
The Special Agility was created to allow even people with intellectual disabilities to practice agility in sports without limitations. 
Inspired by the program of Special Olympics training and competition reserved to 3,000,000 bearers of intellectual disablità with the aim to foster personal growth, independence and full integration.

The Pet Therapy 

Pet Therapy The term indicates a complex set of uses of the human-animal relationship in the medical, psychological and educational.



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