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The training activity of the “Abete Bianco” Centre goes on in the full respect of the dog; all the trainers uses technics based on the physiological analysis of the subject to train.

We do all the train activities with the dog owner; the aim is to teach the owner how to train his dog, limiting the intervention of the trainer on the dog. The dog, if they have the chance to arrive at the “Abete Bianco” Centre when they are puppies, they have the opportunity to start an educational path which lead to have a good relationship with their owner.

The “Abete Bianco” Centre is divided in 3 structures:



  • An utility and defence/obiedence field 40x25 completely enlighted
  • An agility dog field 50x35 with 10 parking boxes.





To share the spaces of the Dog technical center with other dog owners, please:

  • not to go into training camps with children using them as a playground
  • use the equipment only with the instructor
  • faecal collection of your dog
  • keep the dog on a leash
  • do not enter in training camp with females in heat or sick dogs
  • Always bring your premiums, face or games involving your dog
  • respect the timetable agreed with the instructor

The center is not liable for damage to persons, property or other animals caused by their pet.









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