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We collect here some of our dog’s photos or dogs born in our breeding which with their own owners decided to attend the class to have a patent or to work for being useful for man. Each dog has different features. Our duty is to find the sport or the activity more suitable for each subject. There are dogs which aren’t aggressive and can be used for the “agility”; dog “pulled” which are good for predation and which we can train for IPO, dogs which learn very easily thenks to positive confirmation like food or toys and can be trained for Obedience. In all case we will be the first to understand each dogs’limit without pretending by it something that it hasn’t got in mind. It would be a violence. Play with the dog, take itto the training centre and where each dog is considered a single subject; avoiding a psychological stress for for the dog and we will live at the best our daily relationship with our best friend.

If you want to be inserted in this booklet, please send your photos and back to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




Nebbia is now IPO1 - good luck for the future in the work.




Willy has entered to make part of Soccorso Alpino and Speleolologico Piemontese together hes human companion Alberto: two lifes at the service of the solidarity



Beda Vom Illta1SCHh1 was the first Hovawart to have the work patent – he’s going on working for its and our enjoyiment and it’s very enjoying to work with her also for the obedience.



Our Brisco is working hard to obtain the IPO1 patent. Brisco’s great skills are getting true in training work even if the fullfillment of the IPO patent is not easy and fast – thanks to Carlo Fagioli and his precious advices (being the person who trained the only dog that in Italy obtained the patent) we are happy with the constant improvement of Brisco.



Our sweeth Olivia trained for agility and obedience fullfilled Ludo Agility – very balanced dog, it’s a good support for the meeting with kids – as soon as possible we are ready for the pet-therapy exam.



Jack was the first Hovawart born in Italy to fullfill the work patent IPO1 – dog of grat skills , it ended its agonistic career with a good SCHh2.




Our Saetta fullfilled the SCHh1 patent and she’s still going on working for the fullfillment of the pet-terapy – it’s a calm dog and it’s a good help for people with motorious problems and psychological problems.

We are working also with her for the fullfillment of IPO1.




Urr and Wladmir are working hard for the IPO1 work patent and the nautic patent. They both live in Ancona and they enjoy working with water.





Also Vidoq, after following a class for dog-loving trainers with its friend Davide, is working hard to become a” lifeguard” dog.

In Brescia Centre Vidoq and Davide are studying and working to fullfill their patents.



The Abete Bianco little dog, after attending an educational class, it’s going on attending the class to obtain the first Agility patent. The way is not very long and hard: till 18 months they cannot join to race even if they are very advanced. We are sure it will give us great results.




Birra and Ortensia began with good results, the work of Obbedience. But the qualities of Birra will bring both also on work camps for the CAL2.


Zoe dell'Abete Bianco secondo grado di Agility - CAE1


Astrid sta seriamente lavorando per prepararsi a diventare un ottimo supporto per il lavoro di Pet Therapy e Special Agility - CAE1


Bambi dell'Abete Bianco CAE1


Ernestheminguey dell'Abete Bianco CAE1


Ramses  CAE1


X'noel dell'Abete Bianco CAE1




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