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The Hovawart race

The love for this wonderful but unknown dog racehas far originis. When at the beginning of my passion for the dog, I had to buy one, I choose the Howart race, the first for its character and morphological features.


After a year of study and research I began to have contact with the Germany to try to find a good subject to give birth to my breeding. But it was with very astonishment that I realize that the German Club doesn’t appriciate this race and so all the breeders were unhappy with the idea that the Hovawart could be breeded in Italy.

At the end of 1995, talking about this problem to a breeder, I heard from him that the Hovawart race was breeded also in the Czech Republic and he has good chance to have good subject coming from the best german dog.



Thanks to this friends, in the first months of 1996 the first Hovawart arrived at home: its name was Dasso Nabuko, called Thor. Blond and beautiful, Thor was a lovely dog.

Self-confident, he played with everyone out of its territory, he showed from the first time its qualities as guardian dog – the dog played with the babies, he showed always balance and faith and like all the dog of its race, he was a suitable dog for training.

When the first beauty exhibition began Dasso Nabuko won in a very little time the title of Italian Junior Champion and Italian Champion. Unfortunately when people was finishing training to obtain the first work licence (Sch H1), Dasso Nabuko called Thor suddenly died at only three years old, but it gave its genetical species.



Obviously my breeding is made by many subjects which you will find described in other chapter of the site, but I’d liked to speak about this subject not only ‘cause he was the first, but also ‘cause in my heart it remains the best. Actually my selection looks after the genetic consolidation of some character features which in my opinion are at the base of a fair and clear living between man and dog. Trying not to fail in creating a dictomy between beautiful subjects and good subjects, my intention is to breed subject which, having a big funcional charme, they can be used also as police dog, emergency dog, guardian or as sport dog.







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